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Student Participants
Computer Centres

Discimus Foundation &
Tech for Changes Academy

Award-winning non-profit aiming to improve quality education through:
  1. Providing computer equipment and lessons to children
  2. Launching cassava harvesting program for widows
  • Children at Risk – Cambodia
  • This life – Cambodia
  • Julie Helping Hands – Nigeria
  • Tender Grassroots – Uganda
  • The Needy Today – Sierra Leone
  • Charity Centre for Child and Youth Development – Zambia

Anthro-AI Software Studio and Machine Lab

Company designing and implementing computational and mechanical tools to further anthropology research
Software Studio Projects:
  • GeoMosquito Software (patent pending)
  • FoodPrint AI Mobile App

  • DialectDetect Application
  • Ethno-Health Map
Machine Lab Projects:
  • MosquitoSat Machine
  • Site Sentinel Pro
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Member, UNESCO Learning Planet Youth Council
  • UK Representative
  • One of 18 Council members, leading 500+ Youth Fellows
  • Launching projects promoting quality education
  • Leading UN Summit of the Future project
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Youth Ambassador, Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society
  • One of 60 ambassadors
  • Invited to Paris to attend workshops and the Global Meeting
  • Led STEM, Health and Environment debates
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Youth Ambassador, UNITAR
  • One of 30 ambassadors
  • Created CONNECT: digital map of resources around High Wycombe
  • Created CONNECT: digital map of resources around High Wycombe
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2022 Director, Young Pioneer’s Forum
  • One of 12 directors
  • Invited to host forum bringing together young innovators to build collaborative solutions

Published projects

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Poverty Prediction and the Identification of Discriminative Features on Household Data from Cambodia

Ellipse 47

Rice Fields as Mosquito Density Indicators for Malaria Prediction in Nigeria

Ellipse 46

A Quantitative Study of the Association of Household Income and Violent Crime in Urban US Neighbourhoods

Ellipse 48

Sense, Sensibility and Social Stratification:
Reading Jane Austen through an Anthropological Lens

Ellipse 49

Beyond the Silver Screen:
An Anthropological View into Taiwanese Cinema


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Winner, Diana Award
  • One of 180 award recipients out 
of thousands of applicants
  • Most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work
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1st Place, NFTE World Series
of Innovation
  • Won Maxar Climate Mapping Challenge for GeoMosquito Software
  • System monitoring mosquito density, malaria rates in sub-Saharan Africa with satellite, climate and agricultural data
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Honourable Mention,
Commonwealth Youth Awards
  • One of 50 shortlisted out
    of thousand of applicants
  • One of 8 finalists across Europe
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  • Nominated and awarded for Discimus Foundation by UK Prime Minister
  • Received appreciation letter and certificate from Prime Minister’s Office

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3rd Place, NFTE World Series 
of Innovation
  • Won ServiceNow Carbon Killer Challenge for FoodPrint AI
  • System using algorithms to monitor, calculate, and suggest strategies for organisations and individuals to reduce carbon emissions
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Rising Star, British Int’l Education Association STEM Competition
  • Implemented mosquito logging device into “smart” green spaces
  • Uses various sensors to detect mosquitos with function to eject BTI bacteria larvicide into bodies of static water predicted to have mosquitos
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Honourable Mention,
High School Innovators Competition
  • Application using NLP to detect and translate between rare dialects in an effort to promote linguistic diversity


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